Zach Ferrara

Zach Ferrara is a devoted composer, lead guitarist and music educator residing in New York. His acoustic instrumental compositions are an intricate weaving of contemporary new age, classical, and world music. Equally, at home in the gypsy jazz style, he takes great joy in keeping this music’s traditional roots alive while adding to its progressive nature born out of his love for eastern and Latin music. His approach as an educator combines methodical technique teachings, philosophy of music, and individualized song/style instruction to best suit the needs of each student.



Ferrara began his journey into the world of music by way of the classical contrabass at age ten. In his mid-teenage years, he began a passionate study of the blues, funk, and jazz on both the electric bass and soon after guitar. Countless nights of walking jazz bass lines with a trio in clubs; years of extensively traveling to theaters along the East Coast with his electric guitar backing up impersonators of past rock and roll legends; and frequent show runs as a pit musician for musical theatre productions is what his performance agenda has entailed the past ten years. Nowadays, Ferrara can be seen playing in an acoustic guitar duo setup that plays gypsy, latin, jazz, and contemporary music when performing out. He currently is working on his fifth CD in his home studio; a collection of 15 or so originals.




His work in various gigging opportunities parallels his passion for the research of music, the effect of organized sound, and the connection between spiritual beliefs and musical practices. Indian Classical music on the sitar became a staple of his training and studies during his time completing his Bachelor's Degree in Music - Music Industry from the College of St. Rose. Affection towards digging deep into the world of music has lead to teaching and completion of a Master of Music in Music Education Degree from Boston University.