Zach Ferrara

Zach Ferrara is a composer, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist who weaves tapestries of sound out of World, Folk, and Contemporary New Age music styles. He is skilled in playing the sitar, guitar, bass, piano/keyboards, percussion, tanpura, and tabla. Ferrara has released five solo albums - Continuance (2017), Existence (2020)Acoustic Transcendence (2022)Peace Love and Ahimsa (2023), and Beloved Teachers (2023). He uses sound to connect himself and listeners to source by creating a musical experience that is both ethereal and meaningful.

Ferrara's path in music began with the bass playing in orchestras. He later expanded his musical knowledge by exploring the music of various world cultures on the guitar. Ferrara has had the opportunity to both lead and support various musical groups in big bands, small combos, and pit sections of musical theatre productions. Throughout his musical journey he receives inspiration through the sitar and piano, which he prominently features in his original releases.
Ferrara is now an independent solo artist who enjoys creating and finalizing the sonic pictures of his compositions. This comes after a significant period of collaboration with others in various recording and live performances settings. He has also enjoyed working as a music teacher, sharing his knowledge and appreciation of music with students of various ages and genres. Ferrara earned his Bachelor's Degree in Music - Music Industry from the College of St. Rose and a Master of Music in Music Education Degree from Boston University. He remains devoted to his craft, concentrating on the practice, composition, and recording of his music in his studio.
He draws inspiration from his family, nature, and living a plant-based vegan lifestyle. Ferrara is an advocate for cruelty-free instrument construction and has authored an article to raise awareness on the materials that go into making instruments. He has modified or created instruments to align with this vision. In addition to music, Ferrara is dedicated to his career in eLearning for an organization that supports people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) to receive the necessary services to live a quality life.